Billy Hamilton runs into umpire on infield single (Video)

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Billy Hamilton accidentally ran into the first base umpire after legging out an infield single to lead off Tuesday night's game in Baltimore.

Hamilton made a full sprint to beat out the underhanded toss to first by Orioles pitcher Bud Norris on a close play. However, Hamilton was unable to avoid the collision with first base umpire Mike DiMuro, who got himself in a bad spot while cutting across the rear of the bag to make the call at first.

Billy Hamilton legs out single, runs into umpire

Both Hamilton and DiMuro went down and were slow to get up. Although DiMuro was up on his feet first, he had to be walked off the field by an Orioles trainer. No word yet as to his condition, but we hope he is OK.

Meanwhile, Hamilton stayed in the game and followed up the infield single by stealing second base, but was tagged out when he tried to steal third.

Video via MLB.
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