Mike Tyson aids injured motorcycle rider in Las Vegas crash

Retired boxer Mike Tyson came to the rescue of an injured motorcycle rider who crashed on a Las Vegas interstate last night.

29-year-old Ryan Chesley went flying off his motorcycle on Interstate 15 at around 9:30pm when a taxi cut him off. Tyson slammed on his brakes and stopped traffic to tend to Chesley, keeping him calm until the paramedics arrived.

Chesley suffered broken bones, torn ligaments and nerve damage in the accident, but managed to take a picture of the former heavyweight champion with his cell phone. According to Chesley's attorney, Tyson left the scene as soon as the paramedics arrived, "like some kind of superhero."

Chesley will still need shoulder surgery, but has been released from the hospital. Chesley thanked Tyson by sending him a fruit basket.

H/T TMZ, AP via FOXNews.
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