Micheal Ferland clocks Marcus Johansson with body check

Carolina Hurricanes Micheal Ferland crushed Boston Bruins center Marcus Johansson with a tremendous body check during Tuesday night's NHL game at the TD Garden.

It happened in the first period as Johansson was handling the puck in the Hurricanes zone. Johansson was able to pass the puck to a Bruins teammate as Ferland lined him up for the big hit. Ferland plowed into Johansson at full speed with his right shoulder and knocked him right off his feet.

Johansson took a while to get up and was brought straight into the locker room. He did not return to the game.

The Bruins exacted a little revenge less than a minute later as David Backes started a fight with Ferland. Both players ended up in the penalty box for five minutes for fighting.

In the end, Johansson's team came out on top as the Bruins beat the Hurricanes 4-3 in overtime.

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