Matthew Tkachuk penalized for batting puck out of midair from bench

Matthew Tkachuk bats puck out of midair, Ducks vs Flames, 10/18/2021
Calgary Flames right winger Matthew Tkachuk was penalized for a bizarre play he made from the bench during Monday night's game against Anaheim. 

It happened with just under six minutes remaining in the first period as the Flames held a 1-0 lead. Flames center Mikael Backlund hit the puck high across the ice and it appeared that it was going over the glass and out of play above the Flames bench. However, for some reason, Tkachuk stood up and used his stick to knock the puck back onto the ice.

It was a strange play to watch, and it was unclear to everyone why Tkachuk did that. Given that the puck was going out of play, the referees blew the whistle to stop play anyway, so it was a wasted effort by Tkachuk. Making matters worse, the referees sent Tkachuk to the penalty box for two minutes for interference. 

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