Rasmus Andersson elbows, headbutts Kailer Yamamoto during Flames-Oilers scrum

Rasmus Andersson roughs up Kailer Yamamoto, Flames vs Oilers, 10/16/2021
Calgary Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson delivered a headbutt and an elbow to the face of Edmonton Oilers right winger Kailer Yamamoto during Saturday night's NHL game at Rogers Place. 

It happened in the first period with the Oilers holding a 1-0 lead. Yamamoto charged the Flames net and took a shot from close range, then followed through with contact on goaltender Jacob Markstrom in an attempt to knock the puck into the net as the whistle blew to stop play. The extra contact set off Andersson, who elbowed Yamamoto in the face and threw him against the boards before delivering the headbutt.

Andersson managed to throw a few punches to Yamamoto's face as a linesman got in between them to stop the scrum and separate the players. He definitely got the better end of this one. Andersson was sent to the penalty box and received a double minor penalty on the play for roughing and elbowing. 

Yamamoto and the Oilers got the last laugh, however, as the Oilers beat the Flames 5-2

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