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Oct 14, 2010

Darrelle Revis Needs To Sit

New York Jets' coach Rex Ryan admits he made a bad decision by letting Darrelle Revis play against the Minnesota Vikings this past Monday night.  According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Ryan "said he had no idea Revis was hurting until he watched the tape" of the game.  If that's true, the blame has to be shared by the assistant coaches up in the press box.  If it was easy enough for the viewers of the game at home to see Revis getting beaten left and right by Percy Harvin, the coaches should have been able to point out to Rex Ryan that Revis' hamstring wasn't holding up.

Rex Ryan wouldn't rule out Darrelle Revis playing Sunday, but the decision should be simple:  Revis needs to sit for as long as necessary.  At this point, if it takes 4-6 weeks, let him sit until his hamstring is right.  Antonio Cromartie is proving that he can step up his game against the top receivers, such as Randy Moss twice this season.  Plus, the Jets did draft Kyle Wilson for depth at the cornerback position.

When Revis held out this preseason, Rex Ryan said that the New York Jets would still be able to get things done on defense without him.  Now they will have to prove just that.

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