Oklahoma City Thunder's Nate Robinson Arrested for Public Urination

You would think that an NBA star who had to use a bathroom would be able to find one.  Apparently not.

The Oklahoma City Thunder's Nate Robinson, a three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion, had trouble finding a bathroom around 2AM Friday morning in White Plains, NY, and just couldn't hold it.  As a result, he decided to use the sidewalk of a Barnes & Noble bookstore in the New York City suburb as his toilet.  This didn't make the police too happy.

Details according to the New York Daily News:
The Oklahoma City Thunder guard was taken to police headquarters, given a summons, released on $100 bail and ordered to return to court June 22.
The offense typically carries a $50 fine, which the 5-foot-9 NBA player shouldn't have trouble paying on his $4.2 million salary.
"Hey tweeps...I made a silly mistake last night," [Robinson] later wrote on his Twitter account.  "I apologize for my actions, it definitely won't happen again!"
It's unclear why Nate Robinson was in White Plains, although he used to play for the New York Knicks.  Hopefully he can learn where the public bathrooms are so he can find one next time he visits.

Nate Robinson, former Knicks guard, busted for public urination in Westchester [NY Daily News]
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