Video: Taiwanese Dad Drops Daughter For Foul Ball

You would think that a parent's top priority would be to protect their children from getting hurt when danger comes their way, such as a foul ball heading into the stands at a baseball game. However, there have been some unfortunate examples recently of fathers at baseball games being more concerned with catching the foul balls.

After seeing a Los Angeles Dodger fan drop his daughter while trying to catch a ball back in June, you would hope that people would learn from it. Unfortunately it has happened again, but this time in Taiwan.

The man's young daughter falls sideways into one of the seats in front of them as he tries to catch the foul ball with his bare hands, but fails. Fortunately the girl seemed to be OK.

Unlike in Los Angeles, the man's wife was sitting next to them. The "death stare" that the man's wife gives him is absolutely priceless.

Let this be another reminder to the dads out there: protecting your kids should be your number one priority. And if you want to know how to catch a foul ball while holding your kid, take a look at that Cubs fan with the baby last month to see how it's done.

Guy Drops Daughter For Fly Ball... [Sports Grid]
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