Video: Twins' Trevor Plouffe Loses Track of Outs, Allows Angels To Score

You wonder why major league baseball players remind their teammates how many outs there are after every play?  Because losing track could end up giving a run to the other team...and it makes you look really silly, like it did for Minnesota Twins second baseman Trevor Plouffe yesterday. 

The Los Angeles Angels had runners on first and third with one out in the bottom of the third inning yesterday.  Angels batter Howard Kendrick hit a grounder to Twins third baseman Danny Valencia, who started what should have been a double play by tossing the ball to Plouffe at second.  Unfortunately, Plouffe must have thought that there were already two outs, so when he made the force play at second for what he thought was the third out, he casually started jogging back towards the dugout, not realizing the play was still live until it was too late.

In the meantime, Angels runner Hank Conger scored from third base and Kendrick made it to first on the fielder's choice. 

A good lesson for the Little Leaguers out there:  make sure to keep track of the outs.

Plouffe loses track of the outs [MLB]
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