Video: Greek Soccer Player Responds to Opponent's Taunt By Pulling Down His Shorts

In a soccer match from Greece this past Saturday, Olympiakos defender Francois Modesto fell down after being squeezed between two players from the opposing AEK Athens team.

However, instead of moving on with the match, AEK's Cala decided to taunt Modesto while he was still on the ground recomposing himself. Big mistake.

Modesto's response to the taunt was to quickly turn towards Cala and...pull down his shorts. Fortunately, Cala was wearing underwear.

Give Modesto credit for not responding to the taunt with violence. Even Cala seemed to appreciate it at some level, as he could only laugh at his embarrassing predicament.

The match ended in a 1-1 tie.

Modesto responds to taunt by pulling down opponent’s shorts [Dirty Tackle]
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