Boxing Judge Gets Stage Fright In Television Debut (Video)

In a recent Showtime Boxing special, boxing judge Chuck Giampa made his television debut in which he planned on bringing his insights on the match judging to the broadcast. Unfortunately, after he was introduced and gave his opening line where he talked about taking viewers "inside the mind of the judge", Giampa's mind apparently went blank as he seemed to succumb to stage fright.

After an awkward pause, Giampa repeated his opening line, followed by another awkward pause, and then total embarrassment of not being able to continue. Giampa then gave up and just said, "Yeah - sh**".

You have to feel bad for Giampa after watching this. He probably was looking forward to this, and then his worst nightmare plays itself out in front of millions of viewers the first time he appears on the air. Hopefully things get better for Giampa's television career going forward.

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