Dallas Mavericks Joined On Bench By Two Random Fans Drinking (Video)

The Dallas Mavericks were so far ahead of the Detroit Pistons in the third quarter of Tuesday night's game in Detroit that they let a couple of random guys sit (and drink alcohol) on their bench.

The fans, later identified as fashion designer Aaron Cohen and Twitter personality Chris Smokes, were drinking beers while sitting on the Mavericks bench between Delonte West and Vince Carter.

How they got down there is one issue, but how (and why) they were allowed to stay there is another. Although these two fans looked relatively well behaved, they were not dressed appropriately for the bench area (and we know the NBA are sticklers for that). More importantly, however, drinking alcohol on the bench is a big no-no. The Mavericks could be looking at a fine here.

Nothing To See Here; Just Two Random Dudes Sitting On The Dallas Mavericks Bench Drinking Beers [Sports Grid]
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