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Jan 5, 2012

Embarrassing Stretcher Fail in Brazilian Junior Soccer Match (Video)

On Tuesday during a soccer match in the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior tournament in Brazil between Internacional and Confianca, a stretcher was brought out to help Confianca's Arthur off the field.

Arthur was clearly in pain, but to add insult to injury, after being placed on the stretcher, the medical assistant in front of the stretcher lifted Arthur's head directly into his own rear end.

Enjoy the video, which shows the embarrassing incident from several different angles. Even the referee couldn't help but laugh.

Injured footballer gets stretcher carrier’s rear in his face [Dirty Tackle]


  1. And in classic soccer tradition, after washing his face, he was right back in the game.

  2. if you saw soccer games, you would notice 2 things: 1st his team is losing so he has no reason to waste time. 2nd he clearly has cramps because he is tired (34th minute in the 2nd half (each 45 minutes).
    so yes he needed to rest a bit because soccer is a very phisically demanding sport and there are ONLY ALLOWED 3 SUBS so afterwards if some gets injured he cant be subbed nor can some rest for a while and then came back to the field like in American Sports.


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