Golfer Ben Crane Reveals His Lost Love: Gymnastics? (Video)

If you need a good laugh, you will love golfer Ben Crane's video "The Lost Love" as he reveals that he used to be a gymnast.

Ben's "trainer" is still upset with him for giving up gymnastics for golf.  After watching the video, you'll probably agree that Crane made the right decision, although his attempt to reconnect with his "lost love" is hilarious.

Feel free to share this video, as for every 100,000 views, Farmers will donate $1000 to charity on behalf of Ben Crane up to $5000. So you can feel good about yourself for wasting time to watch this, because you're contributing to a worthy cause.

And if you loved this one, you'll enjoy Ben Crane's earlier video where he demonstrates moves he learned from growing up in a dance academy

Ben Crane Jokes About Returning to His Gymnastic Roots in Viral Video [Larry Brown Sports]
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