Marcellus Wiley Referred To 49ers Defensive Players as "Terrorists" (Video)?

ESPN NFL analyst Marcellus Wiley made a comment on Friday's SportsCenter that may have raised some eyebrows as he referred to some San Francisco 49ers defensive players as "terrorists".

To be specific, Wiley said, "Sometimes you go out there and 2-gap like a Justin Smith, and you know you got those terrorists behind you.". Wiley was not more specific than that, although his comment seems to indicate that apparently Justin Smith is not one of the "terrorists".

Wiley probably did not have ill intent with his comment, but unfortunately in this day and age, you have to be more careful with your word choice. He'll chalk this one up as a learning experience.

ESPN video via Sports Grid.

The 49ers Defense Is Loaded With Terrorists, According To Marcellus Wiley [Sports Grid]
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