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Jan 8, 2012

PBA Bowler Josh Blanchard Falls In Lane During Match (Video)

Usually you don't see bowlers injure themselves by falling, and you would never expect to see it happen on the PBA tour. However, that's exactly what happened Sunday during a PBA World Series of Bowling qualifying tournament in Las Vegas.

Rookie bowler Josh Blanchard went through the standard bowling motions, but for some reason he didn't let go of the ball.  The weight of the ball moving forward combined with Blanchard's momentum carried him onto the lane, and the slippery surface caused Blanchard to take a tumble right into the gutter for this "epic bowling fail".

You could tell the announcer was taken off guard, with his call of "Oh my goodness gracious!". Blanchard appeared to be in obvious pain, but he was able to continue the match after a brief delay.

ESPN video via.

PBA Bowler Takes a Tumble in The Lane
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