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Jan 11, 2012

Spanish Goalkeeper Makes Embarrassing Error Which Leads To Opponent's Goal (Video)

In a Copa del Rey soccer match in Spain, Real Sociedad goalkeeper Enaut Zubikarai had already given up three goals against Mallorca, but he made things worse by making what may be the most embarrassing goalkeeper error in soccer history.

Zubikarai had just stopped a crossing attempt by Mallorca's Gonzalo Castro, who fell out of bounds. However, Zubikarai obviously forgot that Castro was behind him, so instead of a forceful clear, Zubikarai casually tosses the ball in front of him, expecting a teammate to help him out. However, the nearest player is Castro, who comes from behind and quickly seizes upon the opportunity by stealing the ball and scoring the easy goal.

Mallorca scored two more goals to seal the 6-1 victory.

Video via ESPN.

Careless Goalie Gives Up Pathetic Goal [Larry Brown Sports]

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