Steven Tyler Messes Up Lyrics To National Anthem Before AFC Championship (Video)

Before Sunday's AFC Championship game in Foxborough between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, the National Anthem was sung by Aerosmith lead singer (and American Idol judge) Steven Tyler. And, unfortunately, like a lot of singers recently, Tyler messed up some of the lyrics to the "Star-Spangled Banner".

Tyler was fine all the way through "And the rockets' red glare", but instead of "the bombs bursting in air", Tyler sang "As bomb bursting in air".

It was tough enough to listen to, but with Tyler messing up the lyrics to top it off, it certainly was a questionable choice to choose Tyler to sing the Anthem.

NFL/CBS video via Sports Grid.

Steven Tyler Sings/Screeches/Murders The National Anthem
[Sports Grid]
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