Vernon Davis Uses Camera Stand For Prop After Scoring Touchdown, Flagged For Excessive Celebration (Video)

In the first quarter of Sunday's NFC Championship game in San Francisco, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis scored a 73-yard touchdown against the New York Giants.

After leaping over the row of photographers behind the end zone, Davis climbed up onto a camera stand and stood staring back towards the field, proud of himself. Unfortunately, the officials flagged Davis for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty as he used the camera stand as a "prop".

Niners coach Jim Harbaugh tried to argue that Davis' move was no different than the famous "Lambeau Leap" celebration that Green Bay Packers players do when they leap into the stands after they score. However, FOX NFL rules analyst Mike Periera alertly pointed out that the "Lambeau Leap" celebration was grandfathered in when the excessive celebration penalty was added to the rules.

NFL/FOX video via.
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