Luis Scola Hits Kevin Love in the Groin With Basketball (Video)

Houston Rockets forward Luis Scola intentionally threw the ball at Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love Monday night. However, what was unintentional was Scola hitting Love directly in the groin, leading to a painful moment for Love and for many male viewers at home.

It happened in the first quarter of Monday night's NBA game in Houston. Scola got the offensive rebound under the basket, but his momentum was carrying him out of bounds, so Scola was looking to pass the ball to a teammate. Since Love was defending Scola well, he had to make a quick decision, so Scola decided to throw the ball directly off of Love and out of bounds. Unfortunately for Love, Scola aimed a little too low and nailed Love directly in the crotch.

Scola's play was effective, as the ball bounced off Love's groin out of bounds, meaning the Rockets got to keep possession of the ball. Minnesota took a timeout so that Love could recover.

Fortunately, Love was OK and was the Timberwolves' leading scorer with 29 points to help them get the 120-108 victory over the Rockets.

FOX Sports video via. H/T Last Angry Fan.
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