Watch JaVale McGee hustle down the court...the wrong way (Video)

Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee had an embarrassing moment during the third quarter of Monday night's NBA game in D.C. against the Toronto Raptors. McGee missed a shot and hustled down the court to play defense, but didn't notice that one of his teammates got the offensive rebound. That left McGee looking pretty silly once he turned around to play defense and realized no one was there.

Wizards point guard John Wall had the ball to set up the offense, but he had to wait about four seconds for McGee to come back from the defensive end to start the offensive play.

To top it all off, McGee had the chance to finish off an alley-oop, but Wall's pass was a bit too high.

Fortunately the Wizards won the game in overtime 111-108, so McGee can call it a lesson learned, laugh about it, and hopefully pay more attention from now on.

Comcast SportsNet video via. H/T Sports Grid.
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