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Mar 15, 2012

Did referee at Syracuse-UNC Asheville game make worst call in NCAA tournament history? (Video)

We will never know if UNC-Asheville would have become the first 16th seed in NCAA tournament history to beat a #1 seed, thanks to a terrible officiating call that went against them just has they had Syracuse on the ropes with 34.8 seconds left in Thursday's "second round" game.

UNC-Asheville was down by only 3 points, and the Syracuse inbounds pass clearly went off the hands of SU guard Brandon Triche. However, the official nearest to the play, situated on the baseline, ruled that Syracuse would maintain possession of the ball.

Had UNC-Asheville correctly been given possession, they had a chance to tie the game, potentially setting the stage for one of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history.

From any angle, how is it possible that not only the closest referee got the call wrong, but none of the other referees overruled him? Hopefully NCAA executives will review this game and not allow this group of officials to be in charge of another game.

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  1. Simple answer......Yes! It was the worst call Ive seen. Not to mention the bogus lane violation a few minutes before that. The refs were told not to let Ashville win that game.

  2. The lane violation was the correct call, but it overlooked most of the time. Just timely that the ref decided to pull it out of the hat at that time. The sideline play was obviously a missed foul that he made up on the spot by awarding the ball to the Orange. Two wrongs don't make a right in any situation. Especially when dealing with the lives of young men and the history of College basketball. You would think that the officials in the NCAA Tournament would be the top of the crop. I hope that is not the case. This one would never ref another game if it was my call. It's kind of like palming the ball, if they called it the way it was when I played, the teams would never get the ball up the court. But a timely palming call can really change the pace, emotion and outcome of a game, but remember the officials cannot change a game.

  3. Another new rule that really needs reviewed is the elbow rule. If I have a defender's head buried in my chest and I move the ball from one side of my body to another, then get your head out of my gut! These officials are adults they can see when an albow is intentionally thrown to hurt someone based on the pace of the game and how it has been going. The game has changed! Used to be non-contact sport. NOw you get 3 steps to stop when you catch the ball, a jump stop that equals 4 steps on every layup or sometimes jump shot, and you can all but pick the ball up and fake a pass and then keep on dribbling. If I was a player from years past that was watching all of these young kids breaking my records I would be furious! They do not play the game the way it was intended any more.


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