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Mar 26, 2012

MSG's Al Trautwig reports A'mare Stoudemire is out with bulging...what? (Video)

Before Monday night's New York Knicks game, MSG network analyst Al Trautwig passed along to viewers an injury update on Jeremy Lin and A'mare Stoudemire. Lin is day-to-day with a sore left knee, and an MRI revealed Stoudemire has a bulging disc in his lower back. Unfortunately, Trautwig mispronounced the word "disc" with a different four-letter word that starts with "d" which refers to a completely different part of the male anatomy and is completely inappropriate to use on the air.

(Warning: As the title of this post implies, this video has NSFW language).

Trautwig immediately corrected himself, but because his report was on live TV, viewers caught it, and now this video will live for all of eternity.

H/T Outside the Boxscore.

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