Kobe Bryant messes with ESPN cameraman for laughs (Video)

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant gave himself (and home television viewers) some laughs at the expense of an ESPN cameraperson while walking through the tunnels of the Staples Center before Sunday's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As the cameraperson was following Kobe down the hallway, Kobe decided to casually walk around the other side of a pillar so that it blocked him from view. Kobe caught the cameraperson off guard by not coming out on the other side, completely disappearing for about 5 seconds. The camera stayed on the pillar until Kobe popped out with a smirk on his face and continued his walk to the locker room.

Can't wait to see what other jokes Kobe might attempt during the upcoming NBA playoffs.

H/T Cosby Sweaters.
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