YES network has fun with Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay (Video)

YES network staffers put New York Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay's face on the body of Jim Palmer during Wednesday night's game in Camden Yards against the Baltimore Orioles.

It was in reference to a compliment that Kay recently received from Orioles broadcaster (and Baseball Hall of Famer) Jim Palmer, who said that with all the weight that Kay had recently lost, he might be able to do some underwear ads like Jim Palmer did back in the 1970s. To get a full picture of what that might look like, they showed a picture of one of Palmer's original ads, and then placed a photo of Kay's face on it. Hilarity ensued.

The YES network came up with some gems this week. On Tuesday night, they showed how Orioles second baseman Robert Andino has lost his smile over the years.

So start watching the YES network, because you never know what they'll come up with next. I'll be waiting for them to send me a check.

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