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May 23, 2012

Big 12 tournament sign misspells 'baseball' (Photo)

Someone forgot to run a spellcheck on the giant sign hanging at the Big 12 conference baseball championship tournament in Oklahoma City.

There should be only 2 'L's, people. Unless this actually is a tournament for a new sport called 'baseballl' that we've never heard of. You would think that not only would it be impossible to misspell the name of the sport that happens to be our national pastime, but that the misspelling would be impossible to miss on such a big sign before hanging it up. Come on, people, wake up.

Photo via @KeithLaw. H/T Big League Stew.


  1. I was guessing at baceball, bassball, or basball. It looks like someone held the "L" key down too long. I don't think anyone truly believes that baseballl is the correct spelling. (Or course it should have been corrected). Still I think the misspelled "Natinals" (google it) on the shirts of the players was worse. Much worse.

  2. It may be the missing "L" from the University of Texas' commencement program for the LBJ school of "Pubic Affairs."


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