Josh Hamilton runs barefoot on wet field during rain out (Video)

After hitting four home runs Tuesday night, Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton decided to have some fun during Wednesday's rain-out by leading some teammates onto the field at Camden Yards to slide across the rain-drenched tarp.

Sure, it's all fun and games...until someone gets hurt. Fortunately no one was in this instance, but Rangers ownership had to be holding their breath as they watched their star player Hamilton taking part in this stunt, especially after what just happened to Mariano Rivera last week.

Although there were seven Ranger players that took part in the tarp slide, Hamilton's participation was more reckless given the fact that he ran across the field barefoot, putting himself at greater risk of losing his footing and getting himself injured. After the big slide, Hamilton had to navigate his way back to the dugout on the slippery tarp with bare feet, which would have been difficult enough to do with baseball cleats on. You would think that Hamilton would want to be more cautious, given the fact that he has an expiring contract and an injury could end up costing him millions of dollars on a potential new deal.

Granted this may be an overreaction, but the bottom line is that Josh Hamilton is a great player and no one wants to see him get hurt, especially if it were to happen while doing something silly like this. Hopefully one way or another, Rangers ownership will get the message to Hamilton and the other Rangers that they shouldn't pull a stunt like this again. Then the Rangers can move on to more important getting rid of "stale air" in the dugout.

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