Boston mayor mistakenly refers to Garnett and Rondo as "K.J" and "Hondo" (Video)

Boston Celtics stars Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo are two of the team's best-known players and have been given tons of credit for leading the Celtics to a 3-2 series lead in the NBA Eastern Conference finals. However, the mayor of Boston had trouble remembering their names during a television interview Wednesday.

Mayor Thomas Menino, the longest serving mayor in Boston's history, referred to K.G. as "K.J.", as in Kevin Johnson, the former Phoenix Suns star and current mayor of Sacramento. Menino also referred to Rondo as "Hondo", as in John Havlichek, a Hall of Fame star for the Celtics who retired in 1978. Whoops.

Menino did say up front that he stayed up late the night before, so the lack of sleep could very well have been a factor in the mix-up. Or, maybe Menino is just caught up in the excitement with the possibility of the Celtics appearing in the NBA finals again. Either way, it's pretty funny and could take a while for Menino to live this one down.

Comcast SportsNet video via H/T Sports Grid.
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