Caroline Wozniacki scolds chair umpire during French Open match (Video)

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki took things a little too far as she scolded the chair umpire during the second set of her third round match in the French Open tournament against Kaia Kanepi for making a bad call.

The umpire called a ball 'in' that should have been 'out' near the baseline on Wozniacki's end of the court. The chair umpire came out to point out the spot on the baseline where he saw the ball land, which was a bit off from where Wozniacki saw the ball land. Replays showed that the ball did appear to land 'out'.

The umpire went back to the chair to get back to calling the match, but instead of letting it go, Wozniacki went over to the chair and continued to argue.

That's when Wozniacki took things too far by insulting the umpire's intelligence with comments like "Have you been to school?", and even asked to speak to the umpire's supervisor to complain about the call. Granted that the replay showed that the ball appeared to land 'out' and Wozniacki was justified in being unhappy with the call, but at a certain point, she needs to let it go. If she made her point by being a little nicer about it, maybe she would get the benefit of the doubt on a call later in the match.

In the end, Wozniacki lost the match to Kanepi in three sets, and she continued to complain about the officiating during the post-match press conference. Maybe if Wozniacki wasted a little less time arguing about the umpire's call and more time focused on her opponent, things could have turned out a little better for her.

H/T Busted Racquet.
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