Dewayne Wise gets credit for catch without a ball in his glove (Video)

Third base umpire Mike DiMuro credited New York Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise with making a catch after leaping into the left field stands in foul territory even though Wise came out of the stands without a baseball in his glove.

It happened in the top of the seventh inning as Cleveland Indians batter Jack Hannahan hit the ball towards the left field stands. As Wise leaped into the stands, the replay clearly shows the ball hit the heel of his glove and bounced out.

The ball rolled down the front row of seats and a man in a red shirt about five seats down picked up the ball and held it up for all to see. However, DiMuro gave Wise credit for the catch, even though Wise did not have the baseball in his glove.

Later in the game, after Hannahan saw a replay of the blown call, he argued with DiMuro (and rightfully so), even though there was no way to reverse the call at that point. DiMuro responded by ejecting Hannahan from the game.

DiMuro needs to get penalized for this horrendous call, and this play should be used as "Exhibit A" to make the case that instant replay is needed in major league baseball.

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