Will Rhymes becomes message courier when dugout phone malfunctions (Video)

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon used reserve infielder Will Rhymes as a courier to relay a message to the bullpen when the phone in the Rays dugout malfunctioned during the seventh inning of Sunday's game in Marlin Park against the Miami Marlins.

Rays starter James Shields had a 4-1 lead and Maddon wanted to call to the bullpen to have a reliever warm up. When he realized the phone wasn't working, Maddon called time and had Rhymes jog out to the bullpen to relay the message to get Jake McGee warmed up. Rhymes jogged back to the dugout and tipped his cap to the crowd and to his teammates.

Shields and McGee were able to get out of the inning without allowing any runs to score, and the Rays won the game 4-2.

Video via MLB.com.
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