David Beckham gets yellow card for kicking ball at injured player (Video)

In MLS action, Los Angeles Galaxy star David Beckham received a yellow card for kicking a ball at an injured opponent during Saturday's 4-3 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes.

It happened during injury time at the end of the second half as San Jose midfielder Sam Cronin went down on the ground after a corner kick in the Earthquakes end of the field. Beckham apparently felt that Cronin was stalling, so he kicked the ball from the sideline in the direction of Cronin from about 30 yards away. The ball hit Cronin on a bounce, then bounced off Cronin and hit the referee.

Beckham earned a yellow card, and due to the number of yellow cards he as accumulated during the season so far, he will be suspended for the Galaxy's next game.

H/T Business Insider.

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