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Jul 8, 2012

Lightning and thunder send Rangers and Twins running for cover (Video)

Sunday night's Texas Rangers game in Arlington against the Minnesota Twins was delayed abruptly due to a sudden arrival of thunder and lightning, sending both teams and the umpires running for cover.

It happened in the top of the fourth inning with one out and a Twins runner on first as Rangers pitcher Roy Oswalt was about to deliver a 2-2 pitch to Twins batter Ryan Doumit. The lightning flash was followed by an immediate (and very loud) crash of thunder, indicating it was very close to the ballpark, and that sent players of both teams and the umpires heading for the dugouts.

The game resumed play after the weather delay, which lasted 44 minutes.

Video via Sports Grid. H/T Sports Grid.


  1. Wow. You should have heard the one that hit right outside our window one time! It was incredible and so bright that I saw it through the covers that were already over my head.

  2. When I was 9yrs old (now 71)I actually saw a large tree which was about 25yds from my house hit by a large bolt of lightning taking off a verticle strip of thick bark about 9' long. Our German Shepard jumped, lowered his run and came slinking back into the house. I've heard up close the loudest fireworks and that thunder with the lightning was the loudest sound I ever heard. The ball players were right to get off the field ASAP!!


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