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Sep 1, 2012

'Jungle Bird' runs onto field at Notre Dame-Navy football game in Ireland (Video)

The fan known as "Jungle Bird" has struck again, this time interrupting Saturday's Notre Dame-Navy college football game in Ireland. This time, he somehow got a hold of a football, ran to the end zone with it, spun it on the ground and did an Irish jig.

(DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone this type of behavior.)

The television broadcasters didn't recognize him, but this is the same fan interrupted the US Open golf tournament trophy presentation as Bob Costas interviewed winner Webb Simpson back in June.

"Jungle Bird" gave himself up to stadium security as he walked off the field, but it looks like someone needs to keep closer tabs on this guy.

Video via. H/T Sports Grid.

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  1. That was an Indiana State Trooper (in the flat-brim Stetson, and gray-and-blue uniform) who was approaching the Jungle Bird at the end of this clip.

    What on earth was a law enforcement officer from the state of Indiana doing in full-dress at a game in Ireland?


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