Utah football fans storm the field, three times, during win over BYU (Video)

The home fans at Utah were so anxious to celebrate the football team's win over BYU that they ended up stormed the field three times and almost cost the team the victory in the process.

The unbelievable sequence happened in the final seconds of the fourth quarter with Utah holding a 24-21 lead, and BYU had the ball with 6 seconds left on the Utah 34-yard line.

First, BYU quarterback Riley Nelson attempted a pass play to set up a closer field goal. The play was incomplete and the clock ran to zero, leading Utah fans to storm the field. However, after checking the replay, the referees determined that there was one second left on the clock, giving BYU one more play.

The Utah fans on the field were ushered over to the sideline as BYU made an attempt at a 51-yard field goal. The field goal was blocked by Utah and the fans stormed the field again, but in the meantime, as a BYU player picked up the ball and tried to continue the play, hoping for a miracle. Thanks to the Utah fans storming the field prematurely, the referees penalized the Utah fans 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct and BYU would get one more chance to tie the game.

The penalty allowed BYU to make a shorter field goal attempt, this time from 36 yards. However, Kicker Riley Stephenson's field goal attempt hit the left upright and the kick was no good. Finally, Utah had wrapped up a 24-21 victory, and the fans stormed the field a third time to celebrate, but this time it counted.

Video via ESPN. H/T LBS.
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