Ecuadorian soccer player taken out by parachute jumper (Video)

We've seen some parachute fails before, but this first-person video featuring a jumper taking out a soccer player is pretty spectacular.

During warmups of a first division soccer match Monday night in Ecuador between LDU Quito and Barcelona Guayaquil, things went a bit haywire for parachutist Jose Sislema Merello as he was practicing his jump as part of the hired entertainment. Merello overshot his planned landing spot in the middle of the field and landed on the shoulder of LDU Quito striker Claudio Daniel Bieler (a.k.a. "Taca"), knocking him to his knees. Whoops.

Bieler was OK, but was not a happy camper, which is understandable given the extremely unusual circumstances.

Video via StudioFutbol. H/T 101gg.
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