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Dec 17, 2012

Chris Johnson honors Sandy Hook victims with names on shoes (Video)

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson honored the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy during Monday night's NFL game against the New York Jets by having the names of the Newtown victims written on his shoes.

The shoes carried Johnson right through the middle of the Jets defense in the second quarter for a 94-yard touchdown.

Photo via BuzzfeedSports. H/T Cosby.

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  1. Thank God there are still athletes out there with some class. All we ever hear is how selfish these guys are. It's really good to hear there are still class acts out there. I understand they have to get all they can in their limited careers but sometimes they really need to put things in perspective. Saying the NFL is like modern day slavery while you're set to make $10 million dollars for the season, all while we have soldiers dying every day so we can be free. Classy move Chris! You have a new fan now


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