Kenyan runner wins race in Brazil despite being tackled by spectator (Video)

Kenyan runner grabbed by spectator in Brazil
Kenyan runner Edwin Kipsang Rotich was grabbed by a spectator in a scary moment in the middle of a 10K race in Cuiabá, Brazil, but overcame the unusual obstacle to go on and win the race anyway.

Rotich was ambushed by 33-year-old Wallace de Sousa Nogueira, who tried to wrestle Rotich to the ground. Fortunately, police officers were following Rotich close behind on motorcycles and were able to knock Nogueira away, allowing Rotich to continue the race.

The arresting officer said that Nogueira has a history of performing acts like these in the past. Maybe someone should lock this guy up and get him some help before someone gets seriously hurt.

Video via. H/T Off the Bench.
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