Tuukka Rask trips himself up, giving Carl Hagelin easy goal (Video)

Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask gave up an easy goal in the second period of Thursday night's Game 4 against the New York Rangers when he tripped himself up and couldn't recover in time to stop Carl Hagelin's backhand shot on the net.

Bruins defender Johnny Boychuk deflected Hagelin's shot and really slowed it down, while Rask was positioning himself for a quick slapshot. When Rask tried to adjust for the change in puck speed, he tripped and fell on his butt, leaving him helpless as he watched the puck trickle by him and into the net to cut the Bruins lead in the game to 2-1.

The goal ended up being a critical one, as the Rangers tied the game in the third period and won the game in overtime to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Video via NHL.
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