A's catcher John Jaso slides into second base...on foul ball (Video)

Oakland A's catcher John Jaso had an embarrassing moment running the basepaths during Thursday's game against the Texas Rangers when he slid into second base on a foul ball.

It happened in the top of the third inning after Jaso walked to reach first base with two outs. The next A's batter, Jed Lowrie, hit a foul grounder on a 1-2 pitch, and Jaso got a big jump before sliding into second base, clearly not realizing that the ball was foul and the slide would be unnecessary.

Jaso was called safe...by Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus, who was covering second base on the play, and they both got a pretty good laugh out of it. Jaso did eventually get to third as Lowrie singled later in the at-bat, but wasn't able to score.

Video via MLB.
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