Bud Selig forgets what year it is, announces picks for "2000" MLB player draft (Video)

On Thursday, MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced the selections for the 2013 player draft. However, for some reason Selig made the mistake of referring to some picks as selections for the "2000" first-year player draft, a mistake he made three times with the first eight picks.

Selig did it the first time right off the bat with No. 1 pick Mark Appel of the Houston Astros, then went on to do it again with No. 6 pick Colin Moran of the Miami Marlins and No. 8 pick Hunter Dozier of the Kansas City Royals.

Who knows why Selig had 2000 stuck in his head? Maybe Selig was thinking back to simpler days, back before the MLB was tainted with constant PED scandals. More likely, though, he just made an honest mistake...over and over.

Video via Telly. H/T LBS.
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