Astros pitcher hit in chest by umpire's toss (Video)

Houston Astros pitcher Brad Peacock was accidentally hit in the chest by a ball tossed by home plate umpire Paul Schrieber during Friday night's game in Anaheim.

Brad Peacock hit in chest by umpire toss
It happened in the fifth inning with two outs after Peacock made his first pitch to Los Angeles Angels batter Peter Bourjos, which was bunted foul. While catcher Jason Castro went to retrieve it, Peacock took a second to stop and look around, so he didn't see Schrieber pull a ball out of his pocket and toss it to him. The ball hit Peacock in the chest, and Peacock didn't seem to be in the mood to let it slide. Fortunately, Peacock didn't do anything rash and stayed calm and focused, which allowed him to get Bourjos to ground out to first and end the inning.

Peacock pitched 6 1/3 innings and got the win in the 8-3 Astros victory.

Video via MLB.
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