Rays celebrate Fernando Rodney's rescue from dugout bathroom (Video)

Tampa Bay Rays closer Fernando Rodney got himself locked in the dugout bathroom during the late innings of Friday night's game in Oakland.

O.co Coliseum personnel had to get involved and were able to pry the door open to end Rodney's 15 minute ordeal. The Rays celebrated with Rodney once he was finally free, although Rays manager Joe Maddon wondered aloud after the game whether they should have kept him in there.
"It was a kind of a fun moment," Maddon said. "We kind of rallied then -- we should have kept him in there. A lot of the commotion in the dugout in the eighth inning and part of the rally was someone beating on the door."
The Rays scored two runs in the top of the eighth to tie the game while Rodney was in the bathroom. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as the A's scored a run in the bottom of the eighth and won the game 4-3.

Video via MLB. H/T AP via ESPN.
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