Texas football fans starting campaign to hire Nick Saban

It seems that some Texas Longhorns football fans are determined to get Nick Saban hired as the new football coach next season, despite Saban claiming that he has no interest in leaving the Alabama Crimson Tide. To that end, the fans have started a grasroots campaign with a new web site, Saban2014.com, where Texas fans can sign a petition to support the cause.

The home page reads:
This is not a "Fire Mack" site. We are grateful to Mack for bringing Texas football back. We just feel it is time for him to move on and we hope he retires with dignity and gets his name on some buildings. Our goal is to bring Nick Saban in as the new coach of the Horns in 2014. He is the best coach in America and we should not settle for anything less.

Longhorns fans can buy burnt-orange "Saban 2014" T-shirts for $15 on the web site. The shirts were also being sold in the parking lot before Saturday's game.

Only time will tell if this campaign succeeds.

H/T Dr. Saturday.
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