Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson has meltdown after loss to Murray State (Video)

Southern Illinois head basketball coach Barry Hinson expressed some extreme frustration with his team's play by letting loose with an epic meltdown in his postgame press conference after Tuesday's loss to Murray State.  Hinson threw out some unusual analogies and memorable quotes that made for unexpectedly great entertainment and turned the press conference into a viral sensation.

Highlights of Hinson's rant include:
  • 1:19 -"I've been telling my wife this for years, size doesn't matter." 
  • 2:36 - Hinson rips the play of his guards.  "They must think it's a tax credit."
  • 2:52 - "My wife...MY WIFE...can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because I KNOW my wife will AT LEAST SHOT FAKE one time."
  • 3:22 - Hinson compares coaching his players to house training puppies, saying he should have his guys run the treadmill more when they make mistakes. 
  • 3:50 - "There was a sniper in the gym. Didn't you see that? We had guys falling down. We had a guy snipered at half-court. Two guys snipered at half-court. It was unbelievable. I would've thought Navy Seal Team 6 was out there."
  • 5:24 - On his team's turnovers: "I swear I thought one time that one of my players said Merry Christmas.  I thought it was a gift."
SIU is now 2-8 on the season with a four-game losing streak, so it's Hinson's feelings have been building up for a while.  However, if the players are making that many mistakes, it may be time for Hinson to look in the mirror and take some of the blame.  Fortunately for Hinson, SIU has not started conference play yet, so there's still time to get his team turned around.

Video via donnymlr.  H/T The Dagger.
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