Was Boise State basketball coach's celebration over-the-top? (Video)

Boise State Broncos men's basketball coach Leon Rice's celebration of Saturday's 91-90 overtime victory over UNLV, which came after a video review nullified UNLV's game-winning buzzer beater, may have been a bit over-the-top given the circumstances.

After the head official brought the coaches together to notify them that UNLV point guard Deville Smith's final shot came after the buzzer, Leon Rice stepped away, squatted down and did a double fist pump and screamed "YEAH!!!" to the home crowd. Rice was about to throw in a celebratory fist pump when he thought better of throwing it in the face of UNLV coach Dave Rice (no relation) and quickly calmed himself down to give the postgame handshake.

You make the call: Was Leon Rice's reaction just honest excitement or excessive celebration?

Video via Dagger.
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