A's players, fans enjoy Josh Reddick's 'Careless Whisper' walk-up music (Video)

Oakland Athletics right fielder Josh Reddick recently changed his walk-up music to "Careless Whisper" by Wham!, and the reaction by A's players and fans has been extremely positive.

Reddick switched his walk-up music to the 80s classic, using it for the first time during Monday night's game against Chicago. As "Careless Whisper" played when he walked to the plate for his at-bats in Tuesday night's game, some of Reddick's teammates could be seen bobbing their heads in the dugout, and groups of fans could be seen waving their arms in the air to the slow rhythm of the music.

Of course, the positive reception is likely connected to Reddick's performance at the plate since he made the switch. After getting two hits (including a triple) in Monday night's game, Reddick followed up with a single and a home run in Tuesday night's game, helping the A's beat the White Sox in both games.

It seems to be working, so Reddick needs to stick with it now. In the meantime, George Michael should keep an eye out for an invite to an A's game in the near future.

Video via MLB.
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