Can Jabari Parker help out the Milwaukee Bucks?

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The Milwaukee Bucks selected their prospect at the No.2 spot of the 2014 NBA Draft, but they got the exact player they wanted, Jabari Parker. And they did find No. 1 value. Parker is an NBA–ready player, and some even hint that he is a ready–made star. So, can Parker really help the Milwaukee Bucks next season? And if so, how much?

Parker is a 6’8” small forward who averaged 19.3 points and 8.8 rebounds last season with Duke. He is a killer scorer, a great ball handler, and overall, a difference maker. He is the type of player who can change the entire way the Bucks play offense. In fact, it shouldn’t be a surprise if we see most of the Bucks’ offensive schemes run through him next season. He is that good.

The Bucks have a core of young, capable and emerging guys who can be developed alongside Jabari Parker. Brandon Knight, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Larry Sanders and John Henson might end up being the core of the team over the next few seasons. Jason Kidd now is assigned with that task, as he just recently took over as the new head coach of the Bucks, and chances are Milwaukee re-enters a playoff course sooner than later.

Jabari Parker will most probably be a starter next season for the Bucks. On top of that, although the 19–year old prospect has a low profile character, he is also very mature. Both on and off the court, he seems to be the guy the Milwaukee Bucks can trust. And thanks to his maturity and his polished game, we may actually see him gradually emerging as the leader of the team in a few years from now.

The Milwaukee Bucks badly wanted Jabari Parker. They had been targeting him for several months now. And when the Cleveland Cavaliers announced their selection of Andrew Wiggins at the top of the draft, Milwaukee fans were relieved, because they knew they would then land Jabari Parker.

We still don’t know how high Parker’s ceiling is. What we do know is that he will make his presence felt immediately next season. As most draft analysts state, he is the strongest favorite for the Rookie of the Year award at the moment but of course, we’ve seen things changing quickly after each season begins.

Bucks fans should now feel really happy and optimistic about Jabari Parker. Milwaukee is trying to add those pieces which will finalize its rebuilding process and Parker is a true emerald. Now, all the Bucks need to do is to try and develop their young star, together with all the other pieces they have onboard.

For the 2014–2015 season, the addition of Parker should help the Bucks do much better than the 2013–2014 campaign. The Bucks finished dead last in the NBA with a 15–67 record and now they should at least be able to do better. A playoff ticket seems to be a longshot for the Bucks now, before the season begins. However, with a few offseason tweaks and additions, Milwaukee will definitely get closer to that goal.

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