Jose Bautista slams bat in dugout, breaks it (Video)

Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista broke his bat in the dugout after repeatedly smacking it against the bench during Tuesday night's game against the L.A. Angels.

Bautista was expressing his frustration after lining out to open the sixth inning, and his teammates had to clear out of the way to avoid becoming accidental victims of his rage. After failing to break the barrel of the bat, Bautista turned it around and was able to break the handle off of it before throwing it down in disgust.

Bautista has had his share of temper tantrums over the last few years, so this is clearly a pattern. We appreciate the passion that Jose Bautista clearly has, but this is no way for an American League All-Star to express their anger.

Jose Bautista slams his bat

DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone this behavior.

Video via MLB.
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