Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus argue over infield territory (Video)

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre and shortstop Elvis Andrus had a minor argument over their infield territory during the seventh inning of Monday night's game in Seattle.

It happened in the seventh inning as Mariners batter DH Kendrys Morales hit a popup to the left side of the infield for the second out. After Beltre gave up on the ball to allow Andrus to catch it on the edge of the outfield grass, Beltre made his feelings clear that Andrus came too far across the "line". There were no smiles between Beltre and Andrus as they argued over where the "line" was that separated their territories, with the discussion wrapping up with Andrus marking a line in the dirt to make things clear.

Given that the Rangers are in last place in the American League West division standings, it's easy to understand what the real source of the underlying frustration is. Things would probably be different if the Rangers were in first place.

Video via MLB.
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